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veneficusvenato's Journal

Jo Harvelle
7 April
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Jo Harvelle, the newest owner of the Three Broomsticks, is a firecracker.

She has an angel's face and laugh, but those who knew her when she went to Hogwarts not too long ago, called her The Heir to the Weasley Twins Era because of the magical and muggle, mayhem and mischief she got up to during her years at school.

There are rumors that she trained with Department of Magical Law Enforcement or The Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures or both, or that she's been traveling the globe on Ministry orders, but she frequently smirks and refuses to deny or agree with anything.

The same as no one is still quite sure why her muggle mother ran a bar in America Jo would punch people for making a joke at, or what her father was doing for the Ministry when he died in her second year. Or how it is these two people met and produced such a sweet talking, reckless acting, Gryffindor of a girl.

Or why The Broomsticks is always closed every Thursday evening, when people are certain they've spotted very high ranking witches and wizards, from Hogwarts and the Ministry, going in and gathering around a specific table that night.

The character of Joanna Harvelle belongs to Supernatural creators; Alona Tal belongs to herself; Hogwarts AU belongs to Debi; I shameless steal all of them.